Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Products - January 2014

 Focus kit for January

ALI652  -  Materials focus kit    $70.00

 Material focus kit is presented in a kraft box 32cm x 38cm.  Box includes: a focus book with step by step instructions on how to use sand, velvet powder and embossing techniques, a sheet of round figures and a sheet of scroll self adhesive figures and a set of 3 pots of velvet powder (pink hues).

Additional colours of velvet powder


ADH105  - Gelly Glue pen   $7.90
This glue pen can be used to add just a small adhesive area in which to add the velvet powder as apposed to an entire shape.
Hot Embossing Items

ACC105  -  Clear Embossing powder    $6.95

ACC611  - Embossing gun    $39.95
New Pages and Albums

ALB770  -  Reportage pages (20 pages) - Amethyst  -  $30.00

ALB769  -  Reportage pages (20 pages)  -  Pale grey -  $30.00

ALB322  -  Coup de Coeur Album (Yellow with white dots)  -  $22.50


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