Sunday, 3 April 2022

March and April 2022 - New Products

 Hi Everyone

This month is a double up, as I was off-line last month.  Both catalogues are below with all the pictures and information regarding the new products.

March 2022

New Stencil - Java.  Four individual stencils (15 x 15) that can be used by themselves or put all four together in any configuration to make a 30 x 30 page.

New Theme - In the Kitchen.  The theme consists of stamps, dies, sketches and A4 pattern paper.

Mini collections - Beauty and Motorbikes.  These mini collections consist of stamps, matching dies and a mini embossing folder.

Autumn has arrive - check out the many autumn products that already exist in our range.

April 2022

New Stencil - Osaka

New colours - Hydrangea and Midnight blue.  These 2 colours are available in 30 x 30 pages, double pages, inks, A4 pattern papers, resin dots and ribbons.

April Theme - Daydream.  This theme is lovely.  The theme book shows you step by step instructions on how to create many decorations using the themed products:  stamps, dies, embossing folder, A4 sketches, texture stencil and silhouette figures.

Sunday, 27 February 2022

February 2022

 February 2022 - New Products

Sorry, for the delay in posting this months new products.

This month has seen the release of a new 30 x 30 stencil  "Burano".  Burano is a small island off the coast of Venice, famous for making lace.  You will see the lace highlighted in this months decorative products.

Burano Stencil has one layout and one tool stencil.  Burano can be purchased as a studio or stencils only.

New colours released are "Spruce" and "Pearl Grey".  The colours are reflected in A4 plain paper, A4 pattern papers, inks, pages and resin dots.

The Lace themed products can also be purchased individually or as baskets.  Below are some of the designs, see catalogue below to view full product range.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

January 2022 - New Products

Hi Everyone

Welcome to Azza with Rachel 2022

Azza has started off the year with a new Azza Scrap Kit and Scrap Plus kit.  "Botanical"

Products used for above layout:
- Botanical stencil
- A4 papers
- Lace figures from Botanical scrap kit
- Glitter tape
- Mini ink
- Felt pen
- Resin dots

Products used for above layout:
- Botanical stencil
- A4 paper (plain and pattern)
- Texture stencil from Botanical scrap kit
- Lace figures from Botanical scrap kit
- Cord
- Mini inks
- Felt pen

In addition there is a smaller 25cm x 25cm stencil  "Opio"

Products used in above image:
- Opio stencil
- stamp from botanical scrap plus kit
- lace decorations from botanical scrap kit
- Embossing folder  -  Alpes Maritimes
- A4 paper and mini inks

January 2022 Theme  -  Alpes Maritimes.  This theme includes a stamp, embossing folder, texture stencil and A4 pattern paper.  See monthly catalogue for more images and details.

New square concentric dies.  The dies cut square frames in 3 differences sizes.  The die also has an sewn edge pattern.

DIE 258    -    This die is a set of 2.  1st die cuts square frames 3mm thick.  2nd die cuts square frames 6mm thick.

Die 257 - This die cuts square frames 5mm thick.

January 2022 catalogue - please click on the link below.

January 2022 Catalogue

Monthly catalogue link is also located on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

If you have any questions please contact me.  0403 508 002

Happy Scrapbooking

Sunday, 9 January 2022

2022 - class dates

Classes  -   2022

My classes will start in February 2022.   To make a booking please text 0403 508 002.  Other dates are available, please contact me to discuss.

Febuary        -    Monday 7th

March           -    Monday 7th

April            -    Monday 4th

May              -    Monday 9th

June                -    Monday 6th

July                -    Monday 11th

August            -    Monday 1st

September      -    Monday 5th

October          -    Monday 10th

November       -    Monday 7th

December        -    Monday 5th

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

November & December - New Products

 Hi Everyone

The November and December 2021 catalogues have been combined.  A short run down of whats on offer is following.  The entire range of all new products are posted in the catalogue below,  please enjoy and take your time perusing the catalogue.

Two new stencils:

Los Angles.  This new stencil is available in the 30 x 30 stencil duo or can be purchased in the studio format.

Sherwood     This new book and stencil comes as a set of 4 stencil (each  15 x 30) and a small book of ideas.  The stencils can be used on their own or placed together to give a 30 x 30 format.  These products aren't sold seperately.


The catalogue contains a lot of different decorations for Christmas  -  stamps, dies, papers, kits and also card making products.  See catalogue for detailed pictures.

Theme of the month

The theme this month is Stars  -  just in time for Christmas decoration and Christmas pages.

Decorations   -  Decorations are ideal for when your project just needs a little extra touch.  This quite often just finishes off your pages perfectly.

Resin dots  -  red (gloss & matt), gold and silver

Felt pens  -  Red and Green.  Pens have a writing and a dot making end.

Circle stickers  -  Gold, Silver, Pearl, Black and White.

Thursday, 2 September 2021

September 2021 - New Products

 Hi Everyone

This month we have a smaller 20cm x 20cm stencil "Ajaccio" .

With the smaller stencil we have released 3 different theme products.

                *    Tropical                    *    To the Beach                *    School

These new theme also have many complimentary products already in our product range.  See the September catalogue for these.

A couple of new products into the range are the mini collections.  These collections contain stamps, matching dies and a mini embossing folder.  This month is the theme :-

                                                *    Horse riding                    *    Hiking

March and April 2022 - New Products

 Hi Everyone This month is a double up, as I was off-line last month.  Both catalogues are below with all the pictures and information regar...